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Data Driven book download can't be added to my O'Reilly account?

Just downloaded the free copy of Data Driven from your email link. Thank you. I may have missed it, but there seems to be no way to add it to my "Your Products" list. Annoyingly, even when I logged in to my account, I had to enter my name and email in order to download the book. I know this is a promotion, but it seems as though it might have been good to also promote O'Reilly membership by making it obvious that members could add the book to their collection of your great products.

And, to post this apparently I can't use my O'Reilly account. I have to get a new Get Satisfaction account, Why do I bother?
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  • Hi Sam,

    There isn't automatic way to get that free ebook into your account.   
    If you'll send me your email address so I can find your account, I can add it to your account.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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  • Thanks Chris.

    The account holder is (the same as the address of my Sam persona). I'd rather not post the full address on a forum.

    I do think O'Reilly missed a marketing opportunity here to make its account holders feel special and to gently suggest to the non-holders that they may be missing something by not signing up with O'Reilly. Having the free book automatically linked to a new user's "Your Products" certainly would hint that the O'Reilly system makes it very convenient to purchase additional materials.

    [I do realize that this offer is being made to promote the conference. But, I think you missed an opportunity to promote the books and the O'Reilly organization as well.

    Having all the books on one site is a big help for me since I selectively download them to my phone, tablet, or desktop as I am using them. Thus, I use the "Your Products" list as my library card catalog and bookcase and it the only place I can check what books I have on a particular topic. Many times, that results in my discovering I need to purchase another book from O'Reilly to fill a gap.
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