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Custom Quickbooks forms and/or templates. The advanced questions: 1. How many characters are available per data field? It is FAR less than in the description line. 2-1. In the form / layout designer a data field ("other") is placed at the bottom of the form ("Copy of: Intuit Product invoice") as a "notes" section - print preview it looks superb. When one returns to the standard QB invoice the field in question has jumped from the footer to the right-hand side of the header and is compressed to the length of the accompanying text box. 2-2. In layout / form designer, all the work one puts into designing and crafting the visual feel (length of data fields, arrangement) goes out the window when it comes to the data entry screen for that template, why? I look forward to answers and comments, as QB support is useless. Thank you!
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  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Here a couple of answers although they won't necessarily make you happy.

    When you create templates, there is nothing that automatically matches the size of the box you add on the template to the length of the corresponding data field. So, you have to perform some trial and error to check that you can see the typical length of data values in the boxes you add to a custom template.

    for 2-1 I am not sure what you are trying to describe. On the intuit product invoice, there is a box for the customer message field below the invoice table and it is in a similar position in the Create Invoices window.

    Which brings us to 2-2. And yes, you can customize your templates to put boxes where you want. However, you can't modify where fields are on the data entry screen. That is true of most software unless it has a feature to build custom data entry forms.

    While customizing data entry forms is a nice enhancement, I won't vote for it until Intuit has implemented a usable copy budget feature. The current process of exporting budgets, editing in Excel, and reimporting them is ridiculous.

    Bonnie Biafore, author QuickBooks 2012: The Missing Manual
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