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I’m frustrated and feel really stupid

CSS:Missing Manual 2e Stuck on p. 42

I am doing the first tutorial in CSS:The Missing Manual2e, and I am on p. 42, Step 1. My text editing program is Dreamweaver CS4. When I try to simply create a new file, as this step tells me to, I get so many choices I don't know what to pick. HMTL? CSS? I just don't know how to create a blank file called main.css or where it will save.
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  • It sounds like you want to select CSS, create your file and then Save As main.css. You'll want to save it in the same directory as the html file that you're creating it for.

    I'm using Dreamweaver CS3, but here's what the steps would look like for me:

    Select CSS

    Edit the file if you want, or just save the default empty CSS file to get started. Go to File > Save As...

    Enter main.css as the filename, then you may need to click a little down arrow to open up all of your options for where you can save it. To start with, mine just shows me Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc. When I open it up, I can see everything. If you're on Windows, this will look different, and it will probably be somewhat different for CS4. Basically, just find the directory where you've saved basic.html.

    Hope this helps! All of this is frustrating at first, and not obvious, but once you've done it, it will be easy.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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