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CSS3 The Missing Manual book's tutorial does not work in Webmatrix

CSS3: The Missing Manual, Third Edition
I am on my 2nd Chapter of this book and following the tutorials.
I am using Webmatrix 2 for tutorials.
One of the tasks of the tutorial is to include the line: "background: url(Images/head-icon.png);" for selector in Stylesheet.css file. But the image is not loaded. I even imported the image into Webmatrix. However it works if I move the Stylesheet.css file to main directory.
I do reference correctly in my basic.html file. Everything works, but only the images are not loaded.
Can anyone help please ?

Can anyone suggest if the is a designated forum for this book as I couldn't find it, thanks.
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  • Hi Alex,

    I believe you've already solved the problem by placing the external style sheet into the main directory. As explained in the Note on page 50, the style sheet is supposed to be in the same folder (directory) as the web page it styles. So it would make sense that the image doesn't load if the style sheet is in a different directory.

    The box on page 244 has more information on how to reference the path to where the style sheet is stored.

    I think the issue would be the same whether you use Webmatrix 2 or a different tool.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Nan Barber
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