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I’m frustrated and frustrated

CS4 Dreamweaver EXCELLENT yet totally baffled on page 748

Hi, I have found the missing manuals to be far superior and more helpful than any other books out there. I am busy with Dreamweaver CS4 missing manual and it has been perfect right up until page 748. That page and the next few make absolutely no sense to me. My study came to a grinding halt at this point. It is so amazing because the whole book is written so very well and all of a sudden it appears that the author took a break and someone else wrote a few pages. I have tried to understand this section by looking at the help files in adobe, together with the dreamweaver CS4 manual but just cannot understand it. Everything up to that point I got perfectly. I HATE to go past something I dont understand so any imput you can give me in this section will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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  • Hi Marc,

    Happy to hear you're finding the book overall very helpful and sorry to hear that page 748 and the following pages aren't proving the same. I checked in with the author and wish I could offer some detailed advice, including a back-and-forth on what exactly you find confusing. Unfortunately, because of time constraints on his and my end we can't. I wish I had a better answer. We will, however, pay close attention to that section during the next revision of the book and work hard to bring it up to the level of the rest of the book.

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