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crop video

I used Quicktime Pro to flip a video 90 degrees, but when I export it as a DV Stream and import it into iMovie (as recommended in the iMovie Missing Manual), the proportions are totally off--i.e. stretched horizontally. Can I fix this?? I tried downloading ffmegX as recommended in the Missing Manual but cannot figure out how to crop with this program. Thanks.
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    The upgrade Quicktime Pro version acts as an accessory toolkit for iMovie and should allow you to edit Quicktime movies without ratio distortion. During the editing process before exporting, did you press Shift as you drag to crop?

    pg 312
    to maintain the same aspect ratio (relative dimensions) as the original movie --press Shift as you drag to crop.

    Rotating video --pg 188 -190
    Adjusting or removing the rotation, Click the clip, click Crop tool ( or press C),
    and click those rotation arrow buttons again until the video looks the way you want it. Then press enter ( or click done).
    iMovie '08 & iDVD: The Missing Manual
    By David Pogue
    ISBN: 9780596516192

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media Inc.
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