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Creative Explorations of College Majors/Careers for Creative High School Students

Listening to Tim O"Reilly speak on NPR this morning, it occurred to me that he might be the perfect person to design a conference or seminar for high school students who have yet to define a plan for the future, other than a plan to attend college. I can use my son as an example, knowing that there are many other students in a similar situation. He is a good student, creative and well-rounded, who has interests, but does not have a feeling for what he might want in a career, nor what he wants to choose as a major in college.

I believe that our future will be greatly improved through the creative thoughts and ideas of the upcoming generation. High school students are pressured to make decisions about their future right now, however, they lack the experience and knowledge of the world that might help them choose something that could be a good fit for them and benefit society the most. This stressful situation is counterproductive to creative thinking, and may be driving youth into "more of the same" instead of something wonderful. High school counselors, career fairs, online tests and the like do not provide the assistance that these students and our society needs in order to move into truly innovative thinking on the subject.
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