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creating databases from templates in Access 2010

In the book, Microsoft Access 2010 Step by Step, on page 48 and 49,

step 5 says "with microsoft access 2007 databases selected in the Save as type box..."

My software (Microsoft 2010) doesn't give me a choice. I can only save the file as accdb. How might I be able to save as an mdb file or as a 2010 version of accdb, rather than a 2007 version of accdb?

In step 6, it reads " Click the create button".

However, my software immediately went to the view shown in step 7. Do others find step 6 to be unnecessary?

Thanks. Sorry to ask such elementary questions, but I am a newbie to 2010, after working with 2003 for many years.
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  • Hi John,

    When I follow those steps and click the browse button above the create button on the windows shown on page 47, that "save as" dialog box shows "Microsoft Access 2007 Databases". Are you sure you picked chose New and picked the Tasks template? When I do a "Save As" from Access, I don't get a choice of 2007 format, so maybe you are at the regular "Save As" dialog box and not the create new database from Template dialog box.
    I hope that makes sense.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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