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I’m frustrated

cosmofarmer database problem

I am connecting DreamweaverCS3 to a database as per the tutorial in Ch22. MAMP is running correctly, the URL prefix is correct and the cosmofarmer database is loaded to myPHP. When I go to the databases panel in Dreamweaver and connect it reads 2 other databases but will not see the cosmofarmer one. Can anyone suggest anything.
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  • I’m mad as hell
    I have figured this oot. In connecting to the database use 'root' as the user name and the password instead of 'cosmo' as provided by the book. Between this error and the earlier error in this chapter telling you to switch the ports in MAMP I have wasted a day pulling my hair out. Poor show
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  • Hello John -- I owe you every apology for your frustration, as well as our delay in answering. I have been researching your problem with the book's author.

    Although you've found a solution that appears to work, I was able to get additional information for you.

    The answer isn't to use root as the user. You should never do that with a MySQL database, since the root user is a super user for the system, and using root to connect to MySQL can cause serious security problems, as well as making it possible to accidentally corrupt the system and lose all of your databases. Instead, in steps 9 and 10 on pages 772 and 773, you should create a new user account in the database. If you can connect to mysql, then you probably did that.

    But if you can't see the cosmofarmer database, then you should make sure to complete steps 12 and 13, which assign permissions for that user to access the cosmofarmer database.

    Please let us know which databases you're seeing in Dreamweaver when you make the connection.

    Please let us know any further questions or problems you have.

    -- Nan Barber, editor
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