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I’m frustrated

Copyright Notices on Rough Cuts PDF Books


I recently purchased Julia Lerman's Programming the Entity Framework - Rough Cut

I downloaded the PDF from Safari , so that I could read in on my Sony Touch ebook reader.

The whole doc has a License No watermark , BUT every page has a copyright statement at the bottom , as the ebook reader and the page size do not match , I get irritating breaks and blank pages where all I see is the Copyright notice.

Whils I sympathise with your requirement against copyright fraud etc , is this page by page copyright rmeinder really necessary . I find it , as you gather , quite irritiating and distracting when reading the book

I am new to eBooks , but I have not seen this "Overkill" on any other ebooks I have bought. Is this normal on on non Rough Cuts as well ?

Converting to ePub or BBeB format makes matters worse as the conversion sees the notice asn normal text and just merges it into the normal flow.

Is there any way around this

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