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Is music I copy from old LP records that I have bought over the years allowed to be included in iMovie clips that I create ? I have read your "Fun with Copyright Law" in iMovie 11 The Missing Manual, but it doesn't mention anything about music purchased this way. If it is allowed, how can the source be confirmed ?
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  • Hi Chris,

    We can't give legal advice, but everything that the "Fun with Copyright Law" sidebar says regarding music purchased on CDs or via iTunes also applies to LPs (the copyright applies to the music and has nothing to do with the format). Technically, any use of copyrighted music in movies you post publicly could get you in trouble, but as the sidebar notes, unless you "go commercial" (use your movie to make money), record companies have bigger fish to fry than to bother policing personal use like this.

    Of course, you might get more attention from them if your movie goes viral, so again, if you have any questions of conscience in this area, you're probably best using your own music or seeking out royalty-free music from the public domain or other sources.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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