Copy/pasteing album artwork into the latest s/w versions of iTunes.

I have the iPhone 4 and for the initial s/w's I was able to update the album art for my music, that is not in iTunes, by copy/pasteing the art work from an internet source into the art box of Get Info. However, with the latest s/w updates I can no longer do this. I have tried a number of different versions of the above copy/paste routine but nothing works. The art box will not accept anything pasted into it.
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  • Hi Michael,

    I'm looking at iTunes 10.5.2 on a Macbook and if I select a track, Get Info, and go to the Artwork tab, I can drag an image from my hard drive or from the web into the Artwork field. In my browser, I can also right-click and Copy Image or Copy Image Location and then paste into the Artwork area of the Get Info box.

    So, maybe the problem you're running into is iPhone-specific. Have you tried this on a PC?

    Sorry I can't help more. You may need to go to Apple support at or the iTunes support forums at


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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