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I’m anxious

cooking for geeks - not happy with the formatting of the ebook

Ok, just picked up the Cooking for Geeks ebook in epub format, and am happy with the with the content of the book. Actually, I'm getting ready to try the 30 minute eggs! But the formatting of the book is nagging me:

1) The margins are way too big!! No other book that I have purchased from your website has such big margins. Please, please fix - as it wastes screen space.
2) The cover is different from what is on your website.
3) Although I like this font, I guess my question is why did you change? I know each person has a different opinion, but I prefer the Linotype Birka - my vision is not the best in the world, and I find that it is the best font for me to read on my sony reader.

The 1st item is the most important, the others are just me rambeling and are more for your information.

Larry Brown
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