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Cooking for geeks, 2nd edition - fixed format eBook not working on Kobo

The e-book version of "Cooking for geeks, 2nd edition" does not display well on my Kobo Aura H2O (pagenumbering is not correct, text not well aligned, extremely slow, ...). I've looked at the underlying HTML for the ePub, which explains the problem: pages are fixed width with all images bundled with the background and the placement of all text is hard-coded. This makes for an enormous e-book and not a very good one.

I would prefer a version with differing page layout (columns do not work very well on e-readers) that works well. This would mean:
- drop the background, leave only the images (put the text in the images, provide text in alt-img)
- 1 column text
- no file per page, it should be a file per chapter (content based bundling instead of form based).

It would be nice if a reflowable version of the book (if it exists) was added to the downloads. In general: if the default version is not reflowable, also provide a reflowable version.
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