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I’m confused

Confused about iphoto disk image files in Iphoto '09 Book

When I make a disk image file from iphoto DVD (which contains 4 Gigs of data) as discussed on Page 315 in iPhoto '09 Book, does the available space on my Hard Drive decrease 4 Gigs? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of burning pictures to Dvds which is to free up space? What do you mean "You can spin off numerous chunks of your Iphoto collection this way" Please clarify.
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  • Hi enidrk.

    I checked with one of the authors about your question and got the following info:
    The authors were suggesting that folks could make a bunch of iPhoto backup DVDs and convert them to disc images to get some stuff *out of the iPhoto library database* so it wouldn't be as unwieldily and sluggish---not so much to clear off overall hard drive space on the computer. So, yes, making disc images does still take up 4+ gigs of room per shot, but it's not data that iPhoto itself has to deal with in its main photo library, which hopefully makes the program zippier and happier.

    There's also the advantage, if you make disc images of all the DVDs, of only taking along disc images of the ones you *might* need when you travel and leaving the rest behind, which still saves you a bit of space. You can also copy disc images into USB drives, which are smaller to lug around than DVDs.

    Does that help?

    Let me know if you have further questions.


    -Dawn Frausto
    Assistant Editor
    Missing Manuals
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