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I just noticed you have a "Head First" series in addition to the animal pictures series. How many different series do you publish and what's the difference between them?
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  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks for writing us about this. You can see all of our series at

    Generally, Head First is a learning series, not always for beginners, but focused on learning new things. You can read about the Head First method at

    Our animal books range from beginner to advanced. Within the animal books, many of our more introductory books will be called "Learning XYZ", "Getting Started with XYZ", or "XYZ: Up and Running". More advanced books often have "Programming" in the title.

    In a Nutshell books are reference guides.

    Theory in Practice books are higher-level books, generally focused on a big idea instead of a particular technology.

    And Missing Manuals books are usually in-depth manuals for hardware and software, and there are also some good introductory programming Missing Manuals.

    We also distribute books by some other publishers, which you can see at

    I hope that helps!


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Meida
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