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Company Usage (viewing by more than one person)

I am trying to get my company to purchase there series. Are there any licensing issues with providing these for viewing only for more than one person? If so is there a different pricing structure for allowing group access?
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  • Hi Dan,

    It depends how the other folks are viewing the videos.

    This was answered by an editor a few years ago in this way -
    I see the use of our technical videos similar to how you'd deal with a movie rental--as many people as can fit around the screen may watch it. Though the viewing should be for personal use, for example a group of engineers at a company, not publicly announced even; not somewhere where fees are being charged to see it; or not broadcast in a public venue like a café or laundromat or sports arena.

    So, if you are presenting it to a group at one time, that's fine. If you are making the videos available for multiple users to watch individually, then that is where we ask you to get a site license. For information about a site license, send the number of users and the title(s) of the video series to and we can the details to you.

    I hope that helps,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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