Coding multiple superscripts in a single document

I work with genealogical data and there are beaucoup instances of superscripts. I have yet to find a satisfactory method of getting and except by manual coding. I thought a snippet might do the job but have not found a way to do so. Has this issue been raised and a solution found?

It can be done with MS Word but it adds a lot of unnecessary code.

Sample code: 5.   ABIGAIL 2 DUNHAM (John 1) born in Plymouth about 1626.[1]  No record has been found of her death but she was living at the time of her father’s will 25 January 1668.  She married 6 or 16 November 1644 STEPHEN WOOD/ATWOOD.[2]  He was born presumably in England no later than 1620;[3] died in Eastham in February 1693/4.[4]   He was called Stephen Wood at Plymouth in all early records, but almost always Stephen Atwood on the Cape.  All descendants finally all used the name Atwood.[5]

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