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Code Sample xib Files Not Loading - iPhone App Dev Missing Manual

I've downloaded the missing CD for the iPhone App Development Missing Manual, but I've run into a problem with the Flashlight Pro example. Opening MainWindow.xib in Interface Builder works as expected; opening any of the other xib files presents me with the inspector and document windows and nothing else.

When I open MainView.xib and double-click Light View in the Document window, nothing happens. The Document window loses focus as if it's attempting to open something, but the view is never displayed.

I've had this happen on two different Macs both running XCode 3.2.2 under OS X 10.6.3. Oddly, I can compile the app in XCode, and it works just fine in the simulator. Any thoughts?

I love this book and would really like to dig into the view-related stuff in chapter six, but this is keeping me from moving forward. Thanks for your help!
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