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I’m confused and annoyed

CLR Via C# (2nd) listed as Safari Bookshelf item, but not

Why does Jeff Richter's book CLR Via C# 2 show that it is listed on Safari bookshelf, but I can't find it on the Safari bookshelf? Yes, I'm a member of Safari.
Here are the details on o'reilly web site:
Title:CLR via C#, Second Edition
By:Jeffrey Richter
Publisher:Microsoft Press
Formats:Print, Safari Books Online
Print Release:February 2006 Pages:736 Print ISBN:978-0-7356-2163-3| ISBN 10:0-7356-2163-2
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  • Hello, r deutsch,
    Our apologies; it appears the 2nd edition of the book was loaded into Safari as a mentioned title, even though it wasn't yet available. We're looking into where those files are such that they can be made available.
    Also, FYI, the third edition of the book will be available online (including on the Safari bookshelf) and in print within the next few days, in case you would find that of value.

    Again, sorry for the hassles,

    --Steve Weiss
    Associate Publisher, Microsoft Press Division, O'Reilly Media
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