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I’m frustrated

Checkout problems with Paypal

I have had numerous problems with Paypal checkout in the past. And yet again it has come to haunt me again. I get a error 0. I'm not sure why O'Reilly checkout is so flaky. I don't have a problem using Paypal anywhere else except on O'Reilly. The irony, really.

Seriously, it shouldn't be that difficult. I use an international debit card (as I'm in India) that is linked to Paypal and I never have problems on Manning, Peachpit, Amazon, etc.

It's not a Paypal problem obviously, so please either fix it or offer other means to make a payment. I really don't think you want to be turning away business at the last step due to a lousy checkout process.

Lastly, is it or because I see both e-mails mentioned on .
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