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Changing the eBook format?

I purchased several ebooks a couple of months back. I selected the .pdf format for the books, as it was the best format for me at the time. Since my purchase, I started using a device (new smart phone) that supported the kindle application and prefer that format to the .pdf format.

When I go to my products I only see links to download the .pdf version of the book. Is it possible to change the format I can download, or am I stuck with the .pdf version for those purchases?
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  • Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your question. When you purchase an ebook from, all of the available formats should be visible to you for download on Your Products page. If new formats are made available after purchase, they should be automatically added to your account.

    Since you're only seeing PDF, that sounds like the ebooks you purchased are not available in any other formats. Head First books, for example, are only available as PDF, because their graphically rich layout doesn't work well in reflowable formats like epub and mobi. What ebooks do you have? If they're not Head First books, it may be possible for us to make more formats available.

    I hope this helps!

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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