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Cassia flowers?

Photoshop Elements 10 Missing Manual. The caption to Fig. 6-11 (p.200) is hard to understand. Or, less politely, it doesn't make sense? If I'm the only one asking this, maybe it's me?
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  • Hi Graham.

    Sorry to hear that you find the caption confusing.

    Basically, each image shows a photo of some flowers with a Pattern Fill layer over it. The three different versions show the result of using different blend modes to combine the photo and the Pattern Fill layer:

    -The top image has the Normal blend mode applied to it.
    -The bottom-left image has the Linear Dodge blend mode applied to it.
    -The bottom-right image has the Hard Mix blend mode applied to it.

    There's an error in the final sentence of the caption that's probably adding to your confusion: Instead of "Dissolve," it should say "Linear Dodge."

    I hope that helps.


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