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I’m frustrated

Can't run oF HelloWorld as in "Programming Interactivity" pp. 168-169

I cannot get oF HelloWorldApp to work. I have tried
- the code exactly as given in the book,
- minimal modifications to the code in emptyExample, and
- aping the example in fontsExample.

I invariably get a message in the shell window that says: "OF_ERROR : Error : Font not allocated ..."

That was question Q1. I have two more:

Q2. Is the file frabk.ttf included in the oF distribution? Where might I look for it? Windows Search does not find it.

Q3. If I name my HelloWorld files HelloWorldApp.h and HelloWorldApp.cpp, why should my preprocessor directives read
#ifndef _HELLO_WORLD_
#define _HELLO_WORLD_
as the book recommends?

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