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I’m frustrated

Can't hear audio on dvd lessions.

Just bought Dynamic Learning Dreamweaver4 CS3 Video refers to files that don't exist.I see that you have those files available. Another problem is that the audio is extremely low. I have all my volumes up to their highest and still have to press earphone hard against my head to hear and then it is just a whisper. I edit videos and audio all the time and know my system is in top shape.
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  • Hi Alan,

    Thanks for contacting O'Reilly.
    We've posted the missing examples at the following URL.

    If the bundled DVD-CD was defective, we can replace the
    CD only or you can also return the book and CD for a replacement
    or refund. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy and the details
    about it are at .
    Dynamic Learning: Dreamweaver CS3 , 1E
    By Fred Gerantabee, Aquent Graphics Institute (AGI)
    ISBN: 9780596510572

    Thanks again for taking the time to let us know how you feel, and
    I hope you give us another chance to demonstrate our value.

    Mace Bergmann --
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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