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Can't download files for chapter3

I am in an HTML class in college ..we use your "headfirst book", and I was able to download your chapters( to get the photos)until yesterday, and now it makes my screen blink on and off, like the file is corrupted and I have to shut my computer off to get it to stop...I'm in a bad way...cause I have to turn in homework for Chapter 3, Monday...Dont know what happened, but I downloaded the first two chapters, with no problem...would appreciate a reply soon...or maybe step by step on how to download a chapter file to my desktop, so I can import the pictures...Thanx...E-Mail is: Thanx again!! Robert
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  • Hi Robert,

    You should be able to download the examples for the book by going to the following page and clicking on the appropriate links in the section "Book code and downloads":

    Alternatively, you can get the examples for Chapter 3 directly from the following links. Just paste the URLs below into the URL field at the top of your Web browser window, and it should download the files right to your Desktop or pop up a dialog asking where on your machine you'd like to save them:

    Neither of these methods should cause your screen to blink. I suspect you may be having technical issues with your hard drive or monitor that are unrelated to downloading the HF HTML files. If these issues persist, I would suggest you contact tech support for your computer, so they can help troubleshoot further.

    Hope this helps,
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