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Can't authenticate.

I have a 3 month old Dell Vosro with Wndows 7 Porfessional which came preloaded. Two weeks ago I started getting a message that said my version of Windows was not genuine. Since then I have gotten several messages and activated it many times. It runs ok for a while then repeats this nasty behavior. Now I can oly open it in safe mode. Dell refuses to take responsibility for the operating system and Microsoft refuses because Dell changes the program to suit the computer. HELP!! Does anyone else have this porblem and answer. I don't want to do a Factory Restore. Thanks
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  • I’ve not heard about a retail copy of Windows behaving in this way before so did some looking around. It’s possible that either a) your product key has been leaked from Dell and pirated or that b) you've been given a volume licensing product key. These copies contact the server to reactivate themselves every 30 days and if the server isn’t there they’ll give a “not genuine” message.

    As you're using Windows 7 Professional it’s more likely there’s just a problem with it. I found these two links which is specifically for Vista but should also be the same for Windows 7 and which also has lots of useful instructions on it.

    If you could have a look through these it might solve your problem but they are a bit technical in parts. If you continue to have trouble you can contact me directly by emailing me through my website :)

    Mike Halsey
    Microsoft MVP (Windows Expert)

    Twitter: @mike_halsey
    Facebook: mike.halsey
    LinkedIn: mikehalseyuk
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