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Can't Access 'Software Architecture Essentials" 2016 3 hour recording

I tried to log into my O'Reilly account to watch "Software Architecture Essentials", which I purchased last year (2016) at and I can't seem to access it. I get the error message "This presentation is no longer available." Does that mean I can no longer access it? Is there anyway I can access this course that I purchased and haven't had a chance to watch yet?

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  • Hello Mike,

    Thanks for reaching out. I've scoured our site and it doesn't appear as if this recording is saved anywhere. The on24 site only retains recordings for a limited amount of time.

    We're happy to offer you another video or ebook in compensation for your purchase. Please email us at with your account info, explain the situation, and we'd be happy to add the ebook or video of your choice to your account.

    Take care,

    Customer Support
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