Can O'Reilly's Webinar Software be Improved?

I just don't like O'Reilly's webinar software at all. Every other webinar I take uses GoToMeeting and it is SO MUCH EASIER. I get the URL for the webinar as soon as I register and don’t have to wait for an email with the URL. GoToMeeting lets me open it up and save it right into Outlook upon registration. The webinar screen will open well beforehand and give audible reminders that it will be starting soon. I click one URL and I’m in. With O’Reilly, I have to click a number of times. I have way more control over resizing the content screen, but O'Reilly has weird sizing. GoToMeeting doesn’t constantly crash with Shockwave Flash. I can, in 2 seconds, save the entire GoToMeeting chat module to a file. With O'Reilly's software, I have to tediously select the entire contents. But when I paste into any document (Word, Notepad, etc.), all I get is a lot of HTML code, so I lose all the Chat comments. I really wish O’Reilly management would reconsider the webinar software. Thank you.
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  • Hello,

    We appreciate your feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our events and examine all technologies very carefully. The many platforms we have looked at, including GoToMeeting, all appear to require a download, installation or running of a script of some sort to enable the platform and its features to work on an individual’s computer and we try to be mindful about these things.

    We again do appreciate your feedback, and will take another look at the particular platform as technologies are constantly changing and we strive to offer our attendees the best platforms that are the least cumbersome to use.

    Please let me know if there is a particular event you are interested in accessing the chat log for as well as the best way to send it to you and I will gladly send via xls, txt, or doc.

    Also, we do Livestream all our live events and they can be watched and accessed via this URL-

    Thank you,

    The O'Reilly Online Events Team
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