I’m frustrated

Can not find examples in R Cookbook

where are the examples for R Cookbook?
In the past, in programming books code was usuallyavailable.
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  • Hi Paul,
    I'm sorry for the frustration on that.There usually is no supplementary code you'll need for the "Cookbook" series. All the code examples are contained within the text of the book, as it is for this title.

    On Page xviii it does mention that "We have a web page for this book, where we list errata, examples, and any additional information. You can access this page at:
    http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/978059..." , but that is a general message we put in our books in the event that there are code examples you'll need. For this book, and for most of the "Cookbook" series however there aren't any.

    Tai H.
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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