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I’m unsure

Can I transfer completed O'Reilly titles from my Safari Rough Cuts account to my O'Reilly account?

How do I transfer Rough Cuts pre-release O'Reilly books to my O'Reilly account?

When buying Rough Cuts access via SafariBooksOnline, one gets immediate access to the evolving ebook in PDF format only and ultimately the physical book when it ships. After the book ships, ebook access is revoked. This is not at all like the much friendlier lifetime access in multiple formats provided in my O'Reilly account.

Therefore, for O'Reilly titles,I would like to have my pre-release access transferred over from Safari to my O'Reilly account. I don't think I should have to pay another $5 because I already bought ebook and pbook access.

Is that possible? Can I get my O'Reilly Rough Cuts migrated into this account when the Rough Cuts period ends?

And in the future, would you consider moving the pre-release access program for O'Reilly titles out of Safari Rough Cuts and into O'Reilly directly? Manning's MEAP program works this way. So does Pragmatic's beta program.
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