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Can I open the missing manuals for Quickbooks 2013 on the Intuit site where I am using the Quickbooks monthly pay method?

I want to learn Quickbooks without buying the very expensive application. Intuit has a monthly pay system for use of Quickbooks. Can the the missing manuals be opened and used through this site?
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  • Hi Jeanne.

    I'm afraid I'm not totally clear what you're asking.

    "QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual" is a standalone book that you can buy in either print or ebook form. It is not integrated with QuickBooks 2013 the program; it simply explains how to use QuickBooks 2013.

    However, the book's Missing CD page--located here: --includes a sample company file that you can download and open in QuickBooks 2013. Is that what you're asking about? If so, I can't say for sure whether you can open the sample file in the subscription version of QuickBooks 2013. The sample file is a .QBW file. Perhaps you could contact Intuit to find out whether you could open such a file in the subscription version of the program.

    I hope that helps.


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