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I’m unsure

can i get e-books for books i already have?

is there any possibility to get the e-book version for some books i already have? (linuxfoundation member)
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  • Yes, you can use our ebook upgrade to purchase the electronic version of any of your print books for $4.99 each. Here's how:

    * Register your print books at
    * Add the ebooks to our cart and enter code "499UP" in our shopping cart.

    One caveat: The code behind the book registration can be flaky (it's at the top of our list to re-write), so don't type in more than a couple before you hit submit.

    BTW, I'm looking for a good barcode scanner so customers no longer have to squint and type. I haven't found one that works consistently w/ the camera in most laptops, so let me know if you do.

    Thanks. --Allen
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    • OK, this is *excellent*. However, I wouldn't have know about this if I hadn't been pointed to this post. It would be much better if these prices were automatically reflected in the main site once I've registered my book. Or at least mentioned in text.

      Is this a long-term policy, or will this code expire at some point?
    • Hey Brian,

      Agreed, but due to the noted fragility of our book registration interface I'm not blazing it off the homepage. I just can't risk additional problems that some customers have had. As soon as the problem is fixed you can bet we'll push this big-time. As for long-term or short-term, our goal is to keep it going. I can't guarantee the $4.99 price forever, but it's working for now.

      Thanks! --Allen
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  • Wish there was a solution free of charge in the case of donations. I'd love to replace my print books for kindle or PDF versions, and donate the print books to public libraries or universities... Students would win, the user would save space and authors/publishers would be promoting their work on more places (and likely increasing access and thus sales).

    About barcode readers: have you tried the Cuecat? It's old, but still available on ebay for a couple of bucks. My tests were pretty stable, specially when reading ISBNs..
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