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I’m frustrated

Can I add a sticky note or highlighting to a pdf e-book?

This is my first e-book and I would like to be able to add a sticky note or highlight a fragment just like I would a paper bound book, but I don't have Adobe Illustrator, only reader. Is there anyway to add notes or highlight with reader? I love Dreamweaver CS4 e-book.

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  • Hi George,

    You should be able to add sticky notes or highlight text in Adobe Reader 9 by going to the Review & Comment menu and selecting Add Sticky Note or Comment & Markup Tools > Highlight Text Tool.

    You can view the comments that you've made to a file (including sticky notes and highlighted sections) by opening the Comments section at the bottom of your reader:

    I hope this helps you to get more out of the book!

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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