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Can eBooks be read on the iPhone?

Will eBooks work with my 3GS? I'd like to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 if it can be read from my iPhone. I've only purchased iBooks before.

Virginia Watts vswatts1@hotmail.com
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  • Hello Virginia,

    Yes, you can read ebooks purchased from oreilly.com on your iPhone. Check out http://oreilly.com/ebooks/ for a some guidance on which formats work best on various devices. More and more ebook readers are coming to market, so do some testing on your own.

    In most cases we provide you with five DRM-free formats tthat you can download on a variety of devices, so you're not limited to just your iphone. Give it a try, and our customer service will provide you with a full refund if you're not satisfied.

    Regards, --Allen
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