can a detail page show more than 1 records ? (Dreamweaver)

Hello everybody i wan't to know if the detail page can show more than 1 records

So i have a detail page, in this detail page i have a video call it (Tom & Jerry episode 1) , when i wan't to add the same video (Tom & Jerry episode 1), another page is created , i don't wan't that another page will be created i wan't to the the two video go in to same detail page, so with that we will have 2 records in the same detail apge :) . i don't know how to solve this problem and it will make me crazy :s thank's for your help :)
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  • Hello,
    is this a general question about dreamweaver, or is it a question about an example in one of our books?
    If it is in relation to one of our books, can you tell me which one (and which chapter/ lesson) you are referring to?

    If it is a general question, unfortunately we are not able to assist with your query. Any support issues or general questions are best handled by the support team at Adobe. They can be found here:

    Tai H.
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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