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I’m frustrated

Can’t start app at the end of chapter 2 of “Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring”

I couldn’t tell from the text of the book what files various code snippets were supposed to go in, so I downloaded the example code. I was disappointed to discover that despite the second chapter being titled, “Building RESTful Web Services with Maven and Gradle,” it only includes build instructions for Maven.

The example code for chapter 2 builds successfully (with warnings), but the specified command to run the web app ("mvn jetty:start") fails with an error that Maven doesn’t know that plugin. I changed directories into the "all" directory where that plugin is set up, but running the same command from that directory fails because now Maven can’t find the parent. I changed back to the parent directory and figured out that I could run the jetty plugin using the command "mvn org.mortbay.jetty:jetty-maven-plugin:start", but it’s not actually running any of the actual project modules.

Has the author simply left out instructions about how to get this to work, or is running the Jetty-Maven plugin off a subproject not something Maven will actually do?
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