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Can not register book

I have several books I would like to register in order to get a digital version of it.
Unfortunatelly the link seems to be broken.
How shall I proceed?

Thank you
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  • Hello Diogo,

    Thanks for reaching out. We've recently discontinued the "Register Print Books" feature on the website, as well as the "$4.99 Ebook upgrade" deal tied with it. This feature was disabled because we've shuttered our online store and are no longer offering the direct sale of ebooks or print books.

    Most of our titles are available for purchase as ebooks from other distributors. Amazon sells .mobi versions of our books, and .epubs can be purchased from iBooks and Google Play. Many books are also available as DRM-Free .pdfs from Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Best regards,

    O'Reilly Customer Support
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