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I’m frustrated

Buy two, get one free, but get charged for all three!

Incorrect Billing 205744.18112038 - I ordered three books from you under a special offer of buy two get one three. I was shipped two book a month ago and charged for both, and I was shipped the third book last week and charged for it too!
Frustrated Customer
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  • Hello Frustrated Customer,

    Our buy two, get one free offer applies the discount accross the order. So you recieved a 33% discount off your entire order. Each of the titles you ordered was $39.99 and was then reduced down to $26.66 each. In this case, it is the exact same as receiving one of the books free. For most customers, its actually a better savings, since it does not penalize buying cheaper and more expensive books on the same order. This is a limitation of our current order system, we do not have the ability to just give one of the books free. However, we feel the customer receives a better deal as well.
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