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Burning copies in Elements 9

There seems to be a problem with burning a CD instructions for P.Elements 9. We are told to go to "Share- More Options-CD/DVD" This last option does not exist on my version of Elements 9. The choice under "More Options is: "PDF Slideshow, or Send to CEIVA Photo Frame, or Share with Kodak Gallery". No other option. To burn a photo in my gallery, I need to go to "File" then to "Copy/Move to a Removeable Drive" and proceed from there. Surely this should be explained in Brundage's book. It also took me a long time to discover, when burning copies of photos, that there is an option in Elements 9 to burn photos on the same CD from multiple sessions, days after the first burning took place. It is mentioned nowhere in the book. Could you explain why these issues seem to have been missed? Thanks for your attention.
Ken Peebles
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