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I’m frustrated

Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation, code examples, windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

Trying to get code examples. for Module 1.

URL: http://localhost:8088/pages/module-1.html

Module 1 instructions:

Getting Started

1. Run npm install to install the app.
2. Run grunt to start the application.
3. Visit http://localhost:8888 to view the website.

Opened a new Node.js command prompt

cd to directory hands-on-exercises/M1

run npm install, got warn message

C:\Users\Ira\video-exercises\hands-on-exercises\M1>npm install
npm WARN package.json karma-chrome-launcher@0.1.7 No README data

run grunt

Running "open:webserver" (open) task

Running "shell:npm_install" (shell) task

Running "connect:webserver" (connect) task
Waiting forever...
Started connect web server on

goto http://localhost:8888/

getting Unable to connect

Thank you for your help

PS could not find "Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation" in the list of products
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