broken hyphenation in pdf file(s)?

I just purchased "Linux System Programming" and downloaded the .pdf file. As I'm skimming through the document, I have noticed several places where words are (unnecessarily?) broken between lines, seemingly at a good hyphenation place, but without the hyphen being rendered into the .pdf document text. One such location is on document page 312 (actually 338 of 456 of .pdf):

A call to mallopt() sets the memory-management-related parameter specified by par
am to the value specified by value. On success, the call returns a nonzero value; on

Notice the "param" broken over the line break into "par" (with no hyphen) and "am" at the beginning of the next line. Even if the hyphen were displayed, IMO this would be easier to read with justification and NO hyphenation, keeping the "param" intact. Is this a common/known problem? only with .pdf document?

There seem to be several situations like this. I'm only skimming and I have noticed 2 or 3. When reading thoroughly this could get annoying.

Juhan Leemet
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