Broken code snippets in "Python in a nutshell 2nd edition" Safari preview. ePub broken as well?

Safari preview of "Python in a nutshell 2nd edition" has incorrect code indentation and format in multiple code snippets.

For example:

  • Chapter 4 section 2
    set except NameError

    should be
    except NameError

  • return counter.count counter.count = 0 is a weird statement.

Also some code samples have words joined (albeit in different typeface - "globalidentifiers", "lambdaparameters:" "yieldexpression") or sudden line breaks appear within the statements that are plain syntax errors.

I already have "Twisted Network Programming Essentials" ePub and the code samples in Safari preview, PDF and ePub are ok.

Does that mean the code samples are broken in ePub version as well?
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