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I’m just a little bit disappointed

Bookworm – missing cover and some images in an ePub


in the last book I’ve uploaded on Bookworm online ePub reader, cover went missing along with some inside images (see Chapter 5 for example).

My username there is EnricoPoli, tell me if you need other information – I’m not sure what I should tell you here: the title of the book is not much relevant, I guess, you will need to peek into my account and then you will see it. It’s a well done ePub, mostly valid (ePub validator at Threepress point out just a problem with a date format).

I don’t need Bookworm to read it, so it’s not vital to have this problem solved, but I guessed it could be useful to report this, just in case it’s a bug.

Thanks for your work, bye,
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