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book won't upload to kindle

I have seven titles in my "Your Products," all of which are eBooks I bought direct from O'Reilly on the O'Reilly website. I have the Kindle app on my iPad set up as the kindle device to which my books upload. I have successfully uploaded six of the seven books to my iPad app, but the seventh will not upload.

After selecting "Send eBook" and "Send to Kindle" I get the same submitted and processing messages I received for all the other titles, but the process never gets to the Kindle app. I downloaded the epub, and was able to open it in iBooks on my local mac, but after downloading the mobi file I was unable to get it to show up in the Kindle app on my mac. This leads me to believe the .mobi file may not be packaged correctly.

The title in question is /Creating your MySQL Database: Practical Design Tips and Techniques/.
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