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Book: Anyone Can: Ubuntu Server - the Missing Manual

I've enjoyed your missing manual series for a number of topics. Although I've never written a book, I have wanted to. My book idea comes from the following admission. have been struggling to get a ubuntu linux server working without outside help. My plan would be to document and write about my passage from knowing very little about servers to having a server that does what I want (and i think most other "regular" people might want) perhaps written as a Missing Manual. Since I struggle somewhat on a technical level, I would be forced to write in terms that any layman could understand and i would be forced to include all the details and background knowledge that I currently lack. I have found in my progress to the goal of creating a functional server, that I have become stranded many times with no way forward due to technical issues. I would hope that I could write the manual in collaboration with some of your people who really know what they are doing, have great patience and could help me overcome technical roadblocks.
Yours Truly
Steve Cornall

By the way I have an idea for a similar book that will transform me from a Flash Actionscript2'er to an Actionscript3'er. (Unless you have already written a book that explains it in dead simple terms! In which case I'll buy it.)
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