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I’m unsure

Basic Video Player on Flex 4 Cookbook with OSMF doesn't work.

I just purchased Flex 4 cookbook. I browsed through it quickly and saw and OSMF section at 10.6 I figured what the heck. I'll try it out. I can't say it worked out for me. I copied and pasted the code straight from the book, and have errors on both lines 23 and line 24.

undefined property displayObject through a reference with statick type


the same error except through property media through a reference with static type
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  • Hi Kevin,

    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with this. Could you please report this error to the errata page for the Flex 4 Cookbook?

    The errata page is where you can view and submit errors in our books, which the authors and editors then use to assist them in correcting known problems.

    Simply go to the catalog page for the book and on the left hand side, under the picture of the cover you will see a 'view/submit errata' link - if you cannot find the error already listed, please add it to the page so that we may review it and can try to find a solution.

    You can also go their directly:

    Kind regards,
    O'Reilly Media
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