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Arrival Delay

Hi, I’ve bought a book through your website the past 10th of December. Although the after-purchase email said it would arrive between 2-5 business days, I can see It hasn’t been even shipped.

Which is the reason of this delay?
Why I didn’t receive any information or alert about this delay?
When is it supposed to arrive then?

Order number: ML_781944
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  • Good Morning Javier,

    The title you ordered was Programming the Mobile Web, 2Ed which won't release until March 2013. I am so sorry our confirmation email didn't confirm the book was on "pre-order" and will ship when the book has released.

    We do have the Early Release version of the eBook available. I have granted you permission to the eBook and sent you the download links. You can find out more about our Early Release program for this title on the book's catalog page:

    We are sorry for the delay in receiving the book and appreciate your patience. We hope you enjoy the Early Release eBook while you await the print book's release.

    Best, Liz
    O'Reilly Media Customer Support
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