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I’m frustrated


why would I want to buy this book from OREILLY when AMAZON sells it for half the price?
Building Performance Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards with SQL Server Reporting Services
By Christopher Price, Adam Jorgensen, Devin Knight
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  • Tai Hake (Official Rep) June 25, 2014 22:18
    Hi Michael,
    As a reseller of many publisher's titles, Amazon can generally set their own retail prices for books and EBook titles. One thing to be aware of however, is that when you buy the kindle version of this book on Amazon, you get just the kindle version (which is not DRM free). When you purchase it directly from us, not only do you get all the DRM free formats this book is available in (so that you can install the title on many devices), but you also get free updates to formatting and errata. If you're just using the Amazon Kindle, then purchasing this title on Amazon should suit you just fine.

    If you need it in other formats to put on your iPhone, iPad, etc, we offer the other DRM free formats (.Mobi, PDF, ePub)on our shop. If you are so inclined you can also purchase it directly from the publisher here, .

    Generally, we offer generous discounts on our books and EBook titles, however Wiley (the publisher of the title in question here) is a bit more restrictive on how we price their titles, so unless they are specifically part of a big sale or promotion we're not able to discount their titles.

    Tai H.
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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