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Application Bar
I installed Dreamweaver CS6 on Windows 7 Home Premium with a 22 inch monitor. I have successfully accessed tutorial programs; however there may be a setup step I have missed. When I compare the Application Bar I see in Dreamweaver CS6 with the Application Bar example shown on page 32, Figure 1-7 I see the Dreamweaver main menus icons but not the Application bar. I clicked on Windows -> Appllication Bar but that didn’t help. What can I do to display the application bar with the main menu?
Line Breaks
I successfully completed the steps in Chapter 1 Phases 1 – 4 until Step 14. “You should see a few gold shields sprinkled among the text (circled in Figure I-29). If you don’t make sure you completed step 3 on page 55.” I verified that Line Breaks was checked but I still could not delete the line breaks, page 68, item 15).
I will delete the work I have completed and start again beginning on page 40, Setting Up a Site. Meanwhile I would appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Earl B. Stroup
10/31/2013 6:14
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